Had a great conference last Saturday (4th June, 2011) – LeanSpark Sofia 2011 – an event mainly focused on lean thinking and lean start up (this is the first time we have such conference in Bulgaria). I was happy to see the event has attracted many people (~160 attendees).

Some of the speakers which have been initially announced on the conference site were missing (Nicky Smith, Eric Ries) and the agenda diverged a bit (Scrum topics disappeared). Nevertheless – there were enough interesting presentations all the day (about lean, lean start up, customer development, and others). Two speakers presented remotely from the Silicon Valley.

There were two workshops which broke the traditional conferencing format and we got our hands dirty – Marshmallow Challenge game (building towers out of spaghetti) and Business Model Generation (using Business Model Canvas board and sticky notes). Both were great fun – especially the latter one.

There were also nice presents from some of the sponsors: a t-shirt (provided by Telerik) and a book provided by Toyota – “The Toyota Way” (Bulgarian translation). I’m usually a bit skeptic about Bulgarian translations but this time I’m optimistic since the publisher of the translate book (Desislava Bushnakova) did a very good presentation during the event (about Lean in Life).

Final conclusion – it was very good conference. Many thanks to all the organizers! I hope this event will become a a regular one. Looking forward for new and even better edition of it 🙂