This week I managed to attend a unique event – Leancamp Sofia. It was an Open Space un-conference about Lean startup, Lean, Agile, Kanban, Customer Development, Design, … and other topics. I liked the idea of bringing up in one place all these topics and people interested in them.

While in 2011 there was the Lean Spark 2011 conference in Sofia covering similar subjects – Leancamp is an event with a bit different format and it’s the first time when it’s taking place in Bulgaria. So I was curious to see how an open space event of this scale would work here.

There was no hard pre-agreed agenda: whoever wanted to present something described his talk in ~30 seconds and for a 15-20 minutes in the morning (+ a few minutes around noon for the afternoon) we had a schedule for the day. Four rooms were allocated for the event (in VUZF university).

And it worked quite well actually – there were enough people wishing to host sessions on many interesting topics.

Some sessions were running in parallel which as usual was kind of problematic for me since I couldn’t attend all. There was an initiative geared towards collaborative taking of notes – not a substitute of live attendance but still may help to get idea of “what happened there”.

More info and pictures from the event here:

There was an indication that there will be more Leancamp events here (next one perhaps ~6 months). Within the organizers is Start It Smart entrepreneurship club so for whoever is interested – perhaps a good way to get notified about similar events is to get in contact with them.