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Sonra have published a new book on the ODI repository.

I believe this book would be quite useful for anyone doing serious work with Oracle Data Integrator (ODI).

Back in time I’ve been heavily using Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) – a product of the same family as ODI. The ability to access the design and runtime repository meta-data directly through the database as well as through the OMB*Plus API was critical. These were enables for automating some time consuming, error-prone and/or boring activities; and were life-savers during some time-critical migrations and upgrades.

Oracle has chosen ODI to be its strategic data integration product and has been recommending it as superior and in favour of OWB since a while (at least when it comes to new projects). What has been annoying to me was that after several years ODI is still lacking reference of the ODI repository database – I’ve been hoping Oracle to add it to the official documentation. I’m glad to see that Sonra are trying to close that gap.